October 4, 2020

7:30 pm



Double Feature

Mission Tiki Drive-In

Montclair, CA

Sunday, October 4th | 7:30 PM PDT






MISERY 30th Anniversary Screening


About the Mission Tiki Drive-In

This event takes place at the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre at 10798 Ramona Ave in Montclair, CA 91763. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY – we recommend arriving up to an hour and a half before showtime, as the line for entering the lot can take a long time. We will have a music playlist to entertain you as you enter. The drive-in opens at 6:30 PM. There are several screens at the theatre (any lane gets you into any screen); Cinematheque signage will direct you to our event.

The audio for the movies is broadcast through an FM transmitter radio. If you do not have this or the quality in your car is not good, you can bring a battery-operated stereo with speakers to hear the movies.

Large SUVs should sit in the back half of the theater as to not obstruct the view of other moviegoers. All cars should turn off headlights so as to not interrupt the viewing experience.

Social distancing is required at this event. Do not not park your vehicle within six feet of another vehicle. You must only view the movie from inside your vehicle. If you leave your vehicle to visit the bathroom or snack bar, you must wear a mask. See the Mission Tiki’s “About” page for additional information.

About Ticketing

Tickets sales on Eventbrite end at 3 PM on the day of the event (10/4). There will NOT be tickets on sale at the box office. Eventbrite is the only way to purchase tickets.

Tickets are sold by car, not passengers. Your ticket MUST reflect the number of passengers in your vehicle:

Car with 1 Passenger      $17.00
Car with 2 Passengers    $24.00
Car with 3 Passengers    $30.00
Car with 4 Passengers    $36.00
Car with 5 Passengers    $42.00

Passengers within the vehicle SHOULD NOT each purchase individual tickets. Drivers concealing another person(s) will be turned away without refund. All cars are subject to search. For any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

Tickets bought on Eventbrite guarantee admittance to both features. There will be a 15-20 minute break between features.


2020, A24, 84 min, UK, Dir: Rose Glass

The stunning debut from writer-director Rose Glass, SAINT MAUD is a chilling and boldly original vision of faith, madness and salvation in a fallen world. Following a recent trauma, Maud (Morfydd Clark) seeks a fresh start with a nursing assignment, caring for headstrong cancer patient Amanda (Jennifer Ehle). Opposites in nearly every way, the pair quickly forms an inexplicable and intimate bond. But Maud’s pious re-calibration of her life’s path includes all manner of masochistic mortification and prayer, inviting a force into her body, mind and soul that’s akin to demonic possession. In pursuit of closeness to god, Maud starts to lose her grip on reality, culminating in a shocking psychological breakdown and a battle of wills on par with Friedkin’s THE EXORCIST. – Nicole McControversy


30th Anniversary!
1990, Warner Bros., 107 min, USA, Dir: Rob Reiner

When novelist James Caan has a car accident, he’s lucky – or so it would seem – to be rescued by his “biggest fan,” a nurse (Kathy Bates) eager to care for him. Unfortunately, Caan’s would-be savior is not happy with the direction his writing is taking and will stop at nothing, including murder, to “help” him. Rob Reiner’s expertly staged adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller is a masterpiece of claustrophobic suspense, and a terrific showcase for two incredible actors (Bates won the Oscar for her performance). “Misery is alive! Misery is alive! Oh, this whole house is going to be full of romance! Ooooh, I’m going to put on my Liberace records!”


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