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HOLLYWOOD – In May, the American Cinematheque’s THE ALTERNATIVE SCREEN: INDEPENDENT FILM SHOWCASE presents the LA PREMIERE of two new independent feature films. On Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 PM is THE WEDDING VIDEO (2000, USA, 84 min.), a comedy about a gay marriage starring ex-MTV "Real World" cast members from various seasons. Directors are Norman Korpi and Clint Cowen. With Tom Schroeder’s animated "Bike Ride" (2000, USA, 7 min.). On Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:30 PM the IFP/West’s Festival Buzz series and the Cinematheque’s Alternative Screen Independent Film Showcase will co-present the Los Angeles Premiere of Randy Redroad’s THE DOE BOY (2001, USA, 84 min.), a sensitive portrayal of a hemophiliac native American boy (James Duval) coming of age under the cloud of his blood disease. This film just won the Taos Talking Pictures Festival "Perrier Bubbling Under Award" for excellence in first time filmmaking (an makes the filmmaker a finalist for a $50,000 production grant for a future project). With Selena Chang’s live action short "Three Exits" (2001, USA, 11 min.). Cast and crew members will appear in person for discussions following the screenings. See below for details. All guests are subject to their availability. All screenings are at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood (between Las Palmas Ave. & McCadden Place).


THE WEDDING VIDEO (2000, 84 min., USA): Thursday, May 10, 2001 @ 7:30 PM

Norman is getting married. His parents gave him $10,000, but they want nothing to do with the wedding… because Norman is marrying Sky… and Sky is well, Sky is a guy. So Norman takes the cash and hires Clint, a wedding videopgrapher, to make a film about everything leading up to his special day. What follows is a highly entertaining look at the less virtuous side of human nature… the pettiness, the phoniness, the selfishness… that emerge around weddings, in this case, a gay wedding. As old friends decide they don’t like the groom and uncover a secret career in gay porn and the wedding planners run out of money, some truly classic comic situations emerge. What’s more, the friends who come together in LA to share Norm and Sky’s nuptials are ten of MTV’s ex-"Real World" cast members (from various seasons), who portray exaggerated likenesses of their perceived public images. If you were wondering where the reality-based television phenomenon will go next, this just may be it! Reality bites back! With Heather B., Julie Oliver, Norman Korpi, Rachel Campos Duffy, Cory Murphy, Mike Lambert, Lars Schlichting, Sean Duffy, Syrus Yarbrough and Lindsay Brien. This reaction from cast members, to the experience and phenomenon of MTV’s "The Real World" couldn’t come at a better time, since "The Real World" celebrates in ten year anniversary in May. Co-directors Clint Cowen and Norman Korpi will appear for discussion following the screening along with Heather B., Rachel Campos and Mike Syrus. Preceding the feature is the animated short film "Bike Ride" (2000, USA, 7 min.) from Minneapolis based filmmaker Tom Schroeder. This cleverly illustrated story answers the question, "What would you do if you rode your bike five hours to see the girl of your dreams in a neighboring town, only to discover that she didn’t want to see you?" Schroeder heard this story from one of his students and was so taken with it, he taped the story and used it to narrate this short film. Jazz drummer Dave King (Happy Apple) improvises to the story and the animated line drawings fluidly morph from one form to the next, imagitively commenting on both audio tracks. Tom Schroeder will appear for a discussion following the screening.

For more information about THE WEDDING VIDEO please see or contact Fruit Films at 323.656.7415. LA based filmmakers Clint Cowen and Norman Korpi are available for interview. "Bike Ride" filmmaker Tom Schroeder is available by e-mail at Both films are available for press preview on video tape.


**Please note that will normally Alternative Screen takes place on Thursdays, THE DOE BOY will be on a Tuesday.

THE DOE BOY (2000, 86 min., USA): Tuesday, May 22, 2001 @ 7:30 PM

Co-presented with IFP/West Festival Buzz

THE DOE BOY (2001, USA, 86 min.) This is the story of Hunter, a boy who was part deer and part bird, part science and part four leaf clover." He wanted a story about him to live on in legend and he made it happen, so says his Native American grandfather (Gordon Tootoosis – REINDEER GAMES, LEGENDS OF THE FALL). The bulk of writer/director Randy Redroad’s sensitive coming of age story is set in 1984, in Oklahoma. Eighteen-year-old Hunter (Gregg Araki favorite James Duval – INDEPENDENCE DAY, GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS & the upcoming DONNIE DARKO with Drew Barrymore) is a mixed-blood Cherokee hemophilliac (one of only two Native Americans in the state to be afflicted with what is considered a white man’s disease), struggling to fulfill the expectations, not only of his immediate family, but also of his native heritage. His hostile father (Kevin Anderson) has nothing but regrets for this son he can’t connect with, while his nurturing mom (Jeri Arrendondo) over-protects him. When Hunter moves out, he slowly begins to find himself, but between falling for the girl next door (Jade Herrera) and trying to prove himself as a deer hunter, he is suddenly faced with the larger issue of his own mortality. Andrew Ferchland (NO WAY BACK and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" plays the young Hunter). Chris Eyre, director of the award-winning Sundance Film Festival favorite SMOKE SIGNALS produced THE DOE BOY. Writer/Director Randy Redroad will appear for discussion with actors James Duval and Jade Hererra following the screening.

Selena Chang’s short film "Three Exits" (2001, USA, 11 min.), will precede the feature. An Asian American teenage girl asserts herself as an independent spirit during the course of a road trip with her doting parents. Director Selena Chang will appear in person for discussion following the screening of her film.

The IFP/West will host a beverage reception following the screening. Free to all ticket buyers. With live music. For information about IFP/West please call 310.475.4379 or see

THE DOE BOY is available for press preview on tape. Please call Margot Gerber for tapes, press kits and photos. The New York based filmmaker is available for interview. Call Shoot New York to reach him (212.279.1917). James Duval and Jade Herrera are Los Angeles based and are also available for interview. "Three Exits" is also available for press preview on video tape. For photos, cassettes and press kits please call Margot Gerber at 323.461.2020, ext. 115.

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General admission price: $8. Sr./Student rate is $7 and Cinematheque Members are $6. This information and more is also on our website:

Programs listed as double features are one price for both films. There will be a 5-7 minute intermission between programs (or longer if a Q & A is scheduled in between the screenings).

The Alternative Screen: A Forum For Independent Film Exhibition And Beyond…, the American Cinematheque’s on-going series focusing on independent and new forms of cinema was created to serve the public as well as the independent film community in Los Angeles by providing a year-round venue for independent feature films that have not yet secured wide commercial distribution. Whatever the ALTERNATIVE SCREEN offers from month to month, it promises to be provocative, innovative and fiercely independent. Select Alternative Screen alumni include THE BIBLE & GUN CLUB, HABIT, STAR MAPS, OUR SONG and THE LAST BIG THING.

The Alternative Screen takes on-going submissions for consideration of fiercely independent work in all genres. Please send a 1/2" tape to: Margot Gerber, The Alternative Screen, c/o American Cinematheque, 1800 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 717, Hollywood, CA., 90028. Include a SASE if you would like your tape returned. Inquiries should be directed to 323.461.2020, ext. 115. Short films should be sent to the attention of Andrew Crane.

For information about the Alternative Screen or other American Cinematheque events, please call 323.466-FILM. THE PROGRAM IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.


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The June 14th Alternative Screen program will be PITCH PEOPLE.



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