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May 3-9, 2018, at the Egyptian and the Aero Theatres

Presented by Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, the European Union, the American Cinematheque and Obicá USA.

Platinum Sponsor: DWF Gold Sponsor: Bank of the West, Otto Nemenz, SAP and LOT Polish Airlines. With the support of D’Aquino Wines and DUVEL

Created in the aftermath of World War II, the European Union is a unique economic and political partnership of 28 European countries that together cover much of the continent. What began as a purely economic union has evolved into an organization spanning policy areas and promoting cultural ties. Now in its fifth year, the EU Film Festival provides an opportunity for international cinema enthusiasts in Los Angeles to celebrate and discover contemporary films from across the European Union.  

Spotlighting festival award winners from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Romania, the short and feature films here embody the rich heritage and diversity of cinema from Europe. With talent from the films invited to speak at screenings and an opening-night reception, this is an ideal way for expats and Los Angeles residents alike to experience these European delicacies.  

Series programmed by EU members, with the assistance of Jordan Cronk, William Morris and Gwen Deglise. Program notes by William Morris, Christopher LeMaire and John Hagelston.

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6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

Thursday, May 3 – 7:30 PM - Egyptian Theatre


"Who’s Who in Mycology"

2016, Czech Republic, 15 min. Dir. Marie Dvoráková.

This winner of the 2017 Student Academy Award for Best Narrative Short is a hilarious, touching tale about a young trombone player whose humdrum life takes an unexpected turn after helping a drunken dancer make it home, where her zany roommates are obsessed with fungi.

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Los Angeles Premiere!



2017, Austria, 97 min. Dir. Barbara Albert.

Set in 18th century Vienna, this fresh feminist satire turns its eye on a blind pianist, the largely solipsistic men trying to exploit her talents and the controversial physician, Dr. Franz Mesmer, trying to restore her sight. Anchored by an incredible performance from Maria Dragus (THE WHITE RIBBON) and elegant and subtle direction from Barbara Albert, PARADIS is a prescient and sumptuous film that challenges our ideals of healing and perception at every turn. Winner of 5 Austrian Film Awards, including Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

In German and French with English subtitles.

Red carpet entrances begin at 6:30 PM. Join us following the feature for a reception in the courtyard for all ticket buyers.

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1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Friday, May 4 – 7:30 PM - Aero Theatre

Latvian National Holiday!

Los Angeles Premiere!


2016, Latvia, 35 min. Dir. Karlis Lesins.

Winner of the Lielais Kristaps Award for Best Student Film, this short follows Maija, a journalist whose focus on DAESH and Latvian involvement in radical Islam swells to such a level that she pretends to join a local extremist group, putting her life in very real danger.

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Los Angeles Premiere!


Hungary, 120 min. Dir. Gábor Herendi.

The most expensive Hungarian film ever made, this historical epic interlaces action and romance against the backdrop of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The film’s titular hero is a real-life horse that still holds the record for most wins of any thoroughbred, and acts as a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark world. Featuring lavish sets and costume design, beautiful landscape photography and exhilarating race sequences, KINCSEM is an impressive spectacle that has become Hungary’s biggest blockbuster of the last ten years.

In Hungarian and English with English subtitles.

Join us in the lobby for a reception starting at 6:30 PM.

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Saturday, May 5 – 6:00 PM - Aero Theatre

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Co-presented by the Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP) with the support of USC Center on Public Diplomacy!

Free Event!

"The World Today - Common Challenges, EU and US Responses"

60 min.

Join us for an insightful conversation about the variety of approaches to common challenges faced by the EU and the US in dealing with world crises. Panelists include EU Deputy Ambassador Caroline Vicini; “Ghetto PSA” director Rosella Schillaci; Mary Mucha, directing attorney of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Immigration Legal Assistance Project; and Dr. Jay Wang, director of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy.

Join us in the lobby for a reception following the panel discussion.

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Saturday, May 5 – 8:00 PM - Aero Theatre

Los Angeles Premiere!

"Ghetto PSA"

2016, Italy, 15 min. Dir. Rossella Schillaci.

On the outskirts of Turin in Italy, Jacob lives and breathes hip-hop with his band Ghetto PSA, though his job as an educator in a center for asylum seekers is a constant reminder of his identity as an immigrant from French Guinea.

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Los Angeles Premiere!



2016, Germany, 116 min. Dir. Simon Verhoeven.

Taking a refreshingly optimistic stance on the refugee crisis, WELCOME TO GERMANY follows the travails of a wealthy Munich family which takes in a young Nigerian refugee. A box office success in Germany, this timely and insightful social comedy addresses the inherent difficulties that refugees face, particularly the racism that persists in German society, and was named Best Film at both the Bambi Awards and the Bavarian Film Awards.

In German with English subtitles.

Discussion following the short with “Ghetto PSA” director Rossella Schillaci.

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Sunday, May 6 – 5:00 PM - Aero Theatre

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Los Angeles Premiere!



2017, Lithuania, 91 min. Director Egle Vertelyte.

Director Egle Vertelyte’s feature debut, which screened in the Discovery section at TIFF this year, tells of a pig farmer struggling to save her farm and navigate the new world of Lithuania shortly after the fall of communism. The titular miracle occurs as a seemingly random American shows up offering to save the farm, but his intentions come into question as the workers and townspeople discover things are far more complicated. A melancholy but hilarious film about an incredibly strong and driven woman trying to navigate this strange new world, and the creeping, confusing darkness of impending capitalism.

In Lithuanian, English and Russian with English subtitles.

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Sunday, May 6 – 7:30 PM - Aero Theatre

Los Angeles Premiere!

"Helen’s Birthday"

2017, Estonia, 19 min. Dir. Tanno Mee.

Still reeling from her divorce, middle-aged Helen has to be dragged to a nightclub to celebrate her birthday, and ends the night as an intruder in her old home. The Baltic Short Film winner at the Riga International Film Festival.

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Los Angeles Premiere!



2017, Belgium, 75 min. Dir. Bert Scholiers..

Charlie (Evelien Bosmans) is witty, inaccessible and, as she puts it, “fundamentally dialectic.” Hannah (Daphne Wellens) is chatty, high-strung and constantly love-struck. They are enjoying a night on the town when one of them discovers a magical candy, and suddenly body parts can talk, pineapples can fly, and the two young women can traverse the galaxy with ease. A playfully surreal look at the neuroses and intoxicating possibilities of life at 26.

In Dutch with English subtitles.

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Monday, May 7 – 7:30 PM - Aero Theatre

Official Los Angeles Festival Premiere!


2017, Bulgaria, 18 min. Dir. Sarah Kruchowski.

An immigrant actress in her late 30s is determined to impart good values to her son while she makes the rounds of fruitless auditions. 


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Los Angeles Premiere!



2016, Croatia, 105 min. Dir. Hana Jusic.

This humanist character study never wallows in its depressive subject matter or misses a chance for mordant humor. Mia Petričević stars as a 24-year-old woman who becomes the sole breadwinner for her poverty-stricken family after its patriarch has a stroke. Ultimately a tale of interdependence and our protagonist’s sexual awakening and newfound freedom from generational, psychological and physical abuse, PLATE serves up a uniquely non-judgmental and compelling story of how we’re all just trying to find happiness as best we can. Winner of 6 awards at the Pula Film Festival, including Best Director and Best Actress.

In Croatian with English subtitles.

Discussion following the short with “Audition” producer Petro Dushkov and actress Maria Bobeva.

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Tuesday, May 8 – 7:30 PM - Aero Theatre

Los Angeles Premiere!

"Sur Le Fil"

2017, Luxembourg 15 min. Dirs. Loïc Tanson, Thierry Besseling

When his lion tamer father can no longer perform in the Bogaerts circus, 15-year-old Chal must confront Sara, a lioness with an erratic behavior - as well as some hard truths about life. The Best Short Film winner at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

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Los Angeles Premiere!



2017, Poland, 108 min. Dir. Lukasz Palkowski.

This uplifting biopic about one man’s remarkable transformation tells the true story of athlete Jerzy Gorski. After spending 13 years struggling with heroin addiction, Gorski underwent intense physical and mental rehabilitation to become Poland’s Double Ironman World Champion. Director Lukasz Palkowski spares none of the gritty details in this realistic yet inspiring account of Gorski’s journey. The film was a major blockbuster in its native Poland, as well as winning Best Production Design and Best Debut Actor (actress Kamila Kaminska) at the Polish Film Awards.

In Polish with English subtitles.

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6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

Wednesday, May 9 – 8:00 PM - Egyptian Theatre


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Los Angeles Premiere!


2017, Romania, 152 min. Dir. Constantin Popescu.

The kidnapping thriller gets a unique twist in this enthralling drama by up-and-coming Romanian director Constantin Popescu. With shades of the international classics M and BLOW-UP, POROROCA follows a young father (San Sebastián International Film Festival Best Actor Bogdan Dumitrache) on a mission to find his missing daughter, whose mysterious disappearance turns suburban Bucharest into a labyrinth of sympathizers and potential suspects.

In Romanian with English subtitles.

This is event is free with RSVP.

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