August 24, 1999

7:30 PM

American Cinematheque presents...




Program compiled by Andrew P. Crane

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TWISTED! A dramatic change in direction, a deviance from the norm; a peculiar attitude, an eccentric state of mind. This is Hollywood and could describe almost any of the four short films in this program.

Joshua Rosenzweig's "Asphalt Beach" (30 min.) World Premiere! The pilot MTV wouldn't show! From the team that brought you the outrageous spoof on teen horror flicks, "Scream Teen, Scream." Jackie Beat stars as the "bad girl" at a girls boarding school. Men in drag, gay counselors and lesbian housemothers add up to the kind of television that would shock devotees of "Touched By An Angel". With Sherry Vine & Alexis Arquette.

Summer Caprice's "Decoupage! 2000" (29.50 min.) was originally a cult classic public access TV talk show. This incarnation is a retro-future, sci-fi talk show – a look at the future from the near past. Viewers follow the adventures of platinum-coifed, ultra-fab hostess Summer Caprice as she pilots her life as talk show host through a world of alien mutants, fembots, droids and the ominous, ever present tube-entwined chief of the Decoupage 2000 corporation. In this episode on "The Return of the Goddess," Summer encounters such legendary guests as Karen Black performing with the rock band L7 and renowned poet-singer Exene Cervenkova (of the punk LA band X) weaving apocalyptic spoken word. Writing for Film Threat, Chris Gore said of the show, "The humor smacks of early David Letterman. This is the best talk show of the ‘90s.

Paul Levin’s "The Portrait" (35 min.) is the story of a cocky young photographer who is assigned to get a portrait of the legendary Dora Gold (Tammy Grimes CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC, who played Ally Sheedy’s wealthy, Long Island mother in the indie feature HIGH ART) – herself one of the all time giants of photography. But Dora isn’t going to let herself be photographed without getting to know the man who wants to capture her image – and he doesn’t get away without finding something out about himself.

Angelo Guglielmo "Idling Brando" (14 min.) debuted at the Slamdance Film Festival in 1998 and is now part of the permanent archive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Archives. This revealing documentary takes a look at Dennis Woodruff, who unlike the thousands of other Hollywood hopefuls, privately awaiting their big break, has made a permanent fixture of himself on the very public streets of our fair city. From Woodruff’s painted cars emblazoned with messages like "Actor Awaiting His Big Break" to sandwich boards and other acts of spectacle, this legend-in-the-making speaks with the director of this film about what drives him to so desperately pursue Hollywood fame and fortune, while all the while he has clearly garnered notoriety of one kind or another and has reached a level of local, urban celebrity shared by Angelyne and Melrose Larry.

Order of the films subject to change.

A disucussion (and spirited therapy session) will follow the screenings with Producer Peter Spears, Tom Smith, Becky Thyre and Sam Pancake ("Asphalt Beach"); Kathe Duba, Craig Roose and Paul Levin ("The Portrait"); and Andrea Smith and Dennis Woodruff ("Idling Brando").