December 17-23, 1999

American Cinematheque presents...

Raising Caine: The Films of Michael Caine At the American Cinematheque’s Steven Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian

The last Cinematheque film series of the century!





A Special Conversation With Michael Caine

Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine has family commitments which preclude him attending "Raising Caine" this month’s retrospective of his films.

Disappointed to miss the festival, Caine has just video-taped a special full-length interview discussing his life, career and in particular the 14 films in the retrospective.

The 60-minute conversation with TV host Martin Lewis was filmed this week at the Egyptian Theatre and is titled: "THE MAN WHO WOULD BE CAINE! A Special Conversation With Michael Caine." The full interview will be screened twice during the festival as special free events.

Screening: Saturday December 18 & Sunday December 19 - both days at 5:00 PM. Admission is FREE - on a first-come first-admitted basis.

As an additional bonus for lovers of Michael Caine - the Cinematheque will screen extracts from the interview before each movie in the festival - so that the audience will hear Caine’s contemporary perspectives on the films they are about to see.

 SPECIAL BONUS - !! We will have copies of the legendary GET CARTER soundtrack c.d. on sale at the Egyptian. Available only in the U.K., the GET CARTER soundtrack comes in a special limited edition box with deluxe liner notes from Mike Hodges and a reprint of the original British poster! THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW! GET CARTER!!

Each double feature is $7 general admission. $5 Cinematheque Members. The Michael Caine interview is free of charge. All screenings begin at 7:30 PM. Brief intermission between features.This series will take place in the 78-seat Steven Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian 6712 Hollywood Boulevard (between McCadden Place & Las Palmas Avenue).







The instantly familiar cockney twang and sardonic swagger of Michael Caine have anchored three decades of cinema. Although recognized often by the Academy he has been nominated four times and has won once for his supporting role in HANNAH AND HER SISTERS Caine is currently enjoying a major revival, following his haunting performance in last year’s LITTLE VOICE. One of the revelations of this retrospective is his exceptional work as an icy cool James Bond-like figure in the late 60s, starting THE IPCRESS FILE in 1965 and culminating in 1971’s GET CARTER, seen here in a beautifully restored print.

Friday, December 17 / 7:30 PM

THE IPCRESS FILE (D. Sidney J. Furie. 109 min. 1965)

BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN (D. Ken Russell. 105 min. 1967) (starts approx. 9:35 PM)

Classic swinging 60s British spy movies, based on best-selling Len Deighton books. Caine is Harry Palmer, a workaday James Bond full of laconic charm and dry wit. The films feature wildly inventive camera work and incredible "lounge" soundtracks. Ipcress sees Palmer seeking a kidnapped British scientist while dealing with a double agent in his own department. Billion Dollar Brain, directed by a young Ken Russell, featured Palmer as a starving gumshoe employed to deliver a seemingly innocent thermos to an old friend in Helsinki. As a plot to destroy the Soviet Union unfolds, Palmer suspects the worst of his friend and the Texas billionaire that hired him.

Saturday, December 18

5:00 PM  THE MAN WHO WOULD BE CAINE - a new one hour interview with Michael Caine!

7:30 PM  THE ITALIAN JOB (D. Peter Collinson. 100 min. 1969.) & DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS (D. Frank Oz. 110 min. 1988.) (starts approx. 9:35 PM)

Made two decades apart, these wild Mediterranean comedies are now both recognized as major cult items and reveal Caine’s lighter side. ITALIAN JOB features a nefarious criminal band that stages the worldıs biggest traffic jam in order to steal lots of gold. Caine is the muscle; Noel Coward is the brains, a performance substantially lifted by Mike Myers for Dr. Evil. In SCOUNDRELS, Caine is a con man in the south of France who preys on ridiculously wealthy women. When he’s rudely challenged by a crass American (Steve Martin), a contest ensues.

Sunday, December 19

5:00 PM  THE MAN WHO WOULD BE CAINE - a new one hour interview with Michael Caine!

7:30 PM  EDUCATING RITA (D. Lewis Gilbert. 110 min. 1983) &

ALFIE (D. Lewis Gilbert. 114 min. 1966) (starts approx. 9:35 PM)

Two of Caineıs Oscar nominations came with these two starkly different films from director Lewis Gilbert, elegantly displaying his range as an actor. A Pygmalion update, Educating Rita is the tale of a young working-class wife who wants to better herself, and selects boozy professor Caine as her tutor. Super-cool Alfie is Caine's ultimate sex symbol role. He plays a philandering Cockney playboy, shocked into re-evaluating his life by a near-tragedy. Score, amazingly, features Burt Bacharach, Sonny Rollins and Cher!


Monday, December 20 / 7:30 PM

HANNAH AND HER SISTERS (D. Woody Allen. 106 min. 1986)

LITTLE VOICE (D. Mark Herman. 99 min. 1998) (starts approx. 9:30 PM)

Caine’s Oscar-winning performance in HANNAH AND HER SISTERS sees him shed the icy veneer of his early work to become the epitome of Woody Allen’s neurotic New York tribe in this genuinely warm and funny film. LITTLE VOICE sees Caine apply this new vulnerability to a character straight out of his 60s work, Ray Say, the sleazy talent scout who forces a young girl to perform against her will.

Tuesday, December 21 / 7:30 PM

DRESSED TO KILL (D. Brian de Palma. 105 min. 1980.)

DEATHRAP (D. Sidney Lumet. 116 min. 1982.) (starts approx. 9:40 PM)

This pair of genuinely creepy genre films by big-name contemporary directors brought Caine's menacing side to the fore. Sydney Lumet’s DEATHTRAP stars Caine as a playwright suffering through a series of flops, who might just kill to take credit for the work of a novice author. DRESSED TO KILL is an obsessive and beautifully made thriller about a killer who stalks two very different women. Many consider it to be Brian De Palma's finest film.

Wednesday, December 22 / 7:30 PM

GET CARTER (D. Mike Hodges. 112 min. 1971)

PULP (D. Mike Hodges. 92 min. 1972) (starts approx. 9:40 PM)

These two films represent high water moments for British cinema. (Get Carter was just named the #16 top British film of all time in a recent BFI poll). Both of them feature intricate, tough scripts and breathtakingly inventive direction from Mike Hodges. Caine has rarely been better. GET CARTER is an icy cool, nihilistic revenge film featuring Caine as a small-time gangster investigating his brotherıs murder. PULP pairs Caine with Mikey Rooney. The latter is a retired expatriate Hollywood actor who hires Caine to ghostwrite his autobiography and, eventually, investigate a surreal murder.

Thursday, December 23 / 7:30 PM

THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (D. John Huston. 129 min. 1975)

ZULU (D. Cy Endfield. 135 min. 1964) (starts approx. 9:55 PM)

These glorious wide screen epics see Caine’s fighting cockney persona in service to the dying days of British imperialism. In John Houston’s THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, Caine and Sean Connery are two British soldier-pals trying to bamboozle high priests of remote Kafiristan into turning over their riches by convincing them that Connery is a god. Based on a Rudyard Kipling story, Narrated by Richard Burton, ZULU is the true story of undermanned British forces trying to defend their African mission from    attack by hordes of Zulu warriors. Features one of the most spectacularly filmed battle sequences ever committed to film.


See ya next year!! Don't miss Michael Caine's latest film THE CIDER HOUSE RULES. Now in local theatres!