American Cinematheque presents...

GET CARTER One-Week Only – Special Limited Re-Release!!


Friday, November 26 7:00 PM/9:45 PM

Saturday, November 27 6:00 PM/9:00 PM

Sunday, November 28  3:00 PM/5:30 PM

Monday, November 29  8:00 PM

Tuesday, November 30  8:00 PM

Wednesday, December 1 8:00 PM

SPECIAL BONUS - !! We will have copies of the legendary GET CARTER soundtrack c.d. on sale at the Egyptian. Available only in the U.K., the GET CARTER soundtrack comes in a special limited edition box with deluxe liner notes from Mike Hodges and a reprint of the original British poster! THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! GET IT HERE, GET IT NOW! GET CARTER!!







"The best British gangster movie ever" -- The Independent, London


GET CARTER, 1971, Warner Bros. Classics, 112 min. "You’re a big man -- but you’re in bad shape. With me it’s a full-time job," snarls elegant hitman Michael Caine just before he smacks the hell out of a Newcastle mobster, in director Mike Hodges’ ultra-violent, gun-metal grey masterpiece. On a short list with LE SAMOURAĻ, DIRTY HARRY and POINT BLANK as one of the greatest crime-films ever made, GET CARTER follows the steel-hard Caine as he heads north for his brother’s funeral -- and slams into a viper’s-nest of pornographers and thugs, lorded over by the fey, venomous John Osborne (author of LOOK BACK IN ANGER - !) Everything about GET CARTER is just right -- from composer Roy Budd’s amazing synth/funk/jazz score, to the bleak, ghost-town locales of Newcastle, to Hodges’ brilliant, minimalist script and direction. A virtual catalogue of 1970’s cool, GET CARTER was recently ranked by the British Film Institute as one of the Top 20 British films of the past 100 years. Soon to be remade by Warner Bros.(starring Sylvester Stallone), GET CARTER screens here in its original, unbeatable version - !!

PlusWorld Premiere! Brand-New All- CGI Animated Short!!

An action-packed homage to Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns, "Los Gringos" (1999, 4 min.) was created by the team at Bonk Pictures, a band of renegade computer animators. Using the voice talents of Charles Napier and Pat Morita, "Los Gringos" features some of the wildest and most inventive computer graphics we’ve ever seen! We’re pleased to present its World Premiere as part of the GET CARTER limited engagement.