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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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Special One Night Events, Sneak Previews in January:


These events are Aero Theatre Exclusives!


Thursday, January 6 – 7:30 PM

Actor-director Ben Affleck first gained serious attention in 1997’s GOOD WILL HUNTING, a film in which he gave an excellent supporting performance and won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with co-writer and friend Matt Damon. His acting career has comprised such films as SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, HOLLYWOODLAND and STATE OF PLAY, along with Terrence Malick’s most recent project. Not confined to one area of film, Affleck has moved with confidence into the role of director with 2007’s lauded GONE BABY GONE, and this year’s critically acclaimed THE TOWN.

Double Feature: THE TOWN, 2010, Warner Bros., 125 min. After masked armed robbers hold up a bank and briefly take employee Claire (Rebecca Hall) hostage, the gang's leader Doug (Ben Affleck) insinuates himself into her life to make sure she won't give any unwanted information to the Feds. The two begin a poignant if problematic romance, while Doug's dangerously volatile best friend (Jeremy Renner) keeps a watchful, malevolent eye on the couple. Ben Affleck excels as both director and lead in this gritty tale of South Boston hoods chasing the allusive Perfect Crime. With Jon Hamm and Blake Lively. [35mm] Trailer | Official Website

GONE BABY GONE, Miramax, 114 min. Dir. Ben Affleck. In this mesmerizing neo-noir, two detectives search the most unsavory corners of Boston for an abducted four-year-old girl. With a screenplay by Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard based on the Dennis Lehame novel, GONE BABY GONE boasts an outstanding ensemble cast: Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman. Of particular note is Amy Ryan, who received an Oscar nomination for her turn as a deadbeat mother who viciously capitalizes on the media coverage of her daughter’s disappearance. [35mm] Discussion between films with actor-director Ben Affleck. Trailer | Buy Tickets



Friday, January 7 – 7:30 PM

Actor Andy Garcia has made his mark on American cinema over the last couple of decades in powerful leading and supporting performances alike. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his exceptional turn as Vincent Mancini in Francis Ford Coppola's THE GODFATHER PART III, Garcia has also mastered terrific roles in such films as THE UNTOUCHABLES, WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN and all three installments of Steven Soderbergh's OCEAN’S ELEVEN franchise. This year's CITY ISLAND won Garcia critical praise for his nimble comedic chops as the father of a dysfunctional family in the Bronx.

Double Feature: CITY ISLAND, 2009, Anchor Bay Films, 104 min. Dir. Raymond De Felitta. When the Rizzo family patriarch Vince (a hilarious Andy Garcia) brings home an ex-con (Steven Strait), things in la familia get seriously shaken up. It turns out the Rizzos haven’t exactly been forthcoming with each other about their deepest ambitions - case in point, Vince is a corrections officer who secretly aspires to be an actor! [35mm] Trailer | Official Website

THE LOST CITY, 2005, Magnolia Pictures, 144 min. Andy Garcia directs and stars with Dustin Hoffmann and Ines Sastre in this tale of the Felloves, a Cuban family living in 1950s Havana. It is a time of extreme and violent political unrest as Fidel Castro overthrows the current oppressive ruling system and instates a Marxist regime, and Fico Fellove (Garcia), a nightclub owner, is faced with a decision that could alter the bonds of his family forever. [35mm] Trailer | Buy Tickets Discussion between films with Andy Garcia.



Saturday, January 8 – 5:00 PM

25th Anniversary New 35mm Print! SHOAH, (Period 1), 1985, IFC Films, 291 min. Hailed as a masterpiece by critics upon its release and now considered one of the greatest documentaries ever made, SHOAH is Claude Lanzmann’s monumental epic on the Holocaust and features interviews with survivors, bystanders and perpetrators in 14 countries. The phenomenally powerful film forgoes historical footage and instead features intimate interviews that seek to "reincarnate" the Jewish tragedy, while visiting places where the atrocious crimes took place. Lanzmann stated at the time of the initial release, "Making a history was not what I wanted to do...I think that the film, using only images of the present, evokes the past with far more force than any historical document." The first half of SHOAH will be screened this evening, with the second half screening on Sunday, January 9th at 3:00 PM. [35mm] IFC Website and Official Trailer | Buy Tickets



Sunday, January 9 – 3:00 PM

25th Anniversary New 35mm Print! SHOAH, (Period 2), 1985, IFC Films, 315 min. [see description 1/8.] The second half of SHOAH will be screened this afternoon, with the first half screening on Saturday, January 8th at 5:00 PM. [35mm] IFC Website and Official Trailer | Buy Tickets



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Saturday, January 15 – 7:30 PM

70mm! Premiere of New Restored Soundtrack! WEST SIDE STORY, 1961, MGM Repertory, 151 min. The ultra-classic musical, co-directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, with Natalie Wood as the lovely Maria and Richard Beymer as her star-crossed lover Tony, surrounded by switchblade-carrying gangs led by Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno and George Chakiris. Leonard Bernstein's soaring, instantly memorable score, with lyrics by a young Stephen Sondheim, stands as one of the finest ever written for the American musical theater. After years of searching and restoration efforts, the full original 6-track mag masters have been recovered and restored, bringing back the glory of this magnificent sound mix, which has not been heard with prints since the early 1970s. Join us for the long-awaited "re-premiere" of this complete original soundtrack. Trailer | Buy Tickets



Sunday, January 16 – 4:00 PM

Double Feature: THE RED BALLOON, 1956, Janus Films, 34 min. Director Albert Lamorisse's THE RED BALLOON remains one of the most beloved children's films. In this nearly wordless tale, a young boy discovers a stray balloon that seems to have a mind of its own. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival, the film has enchanted the young for decades. NYTimes Critic’s Pick Video

WHITE MANE, 1953, Janus Films, 40 min. Dir. Albert Lamorisse. In the south of France is a near-desert region called La Camargue. There lives White Mane, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses. A strong friendship grows between Folco, a young fisherman, and the horse, but they must elude a wrangler and his herdsmen to live freely. In French with English subtitles.

Trailers | Buy Tickets



Wednesday, January 19 – 7:30 PM

THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW, 1956, Universal, 84 min. Dir. Douglas Sirk. Hard-working toy manufacturer, Cliff (Fred MacMurray) thinks he has a fairly idyllic family life until old flame, Norma (Barbara Stanwyck) blows back into town, still carrying the torch. Melodrama master Douglas Sirk directs with his usual attention to expressionistic color and emotion-fraught sequences. Numerous top-notch leading and supporting performances, including Pat Crowley as Cliff’s son’s fiancee, Ann. Discussion following with actresses Pat Crowley & Gigi Perreau. Trailer | Buy Tickets




Thursday, January 20 – 7:30 PM

Larry Karaszewski Presents: Double Feature: THE LADY IN RED, 1979, New World Pictures, 93 min. The "lady in red" of the title (Pamela Sue Martin) is thrust into a life on the run thanks to her relationship with notorious gangster John Dillinger (Robert Conrad) in this energetic Roger Corman production. A sharp screenplay by John Sayles, stylish direction by Lewis Teague, and a dynamite cast that includes Louise Fletcher, Christopher Lloyd and Corman stalwart Dick Miller (not to mention Robert Forster in an uncredited role) make this one of the best movies to come out of the "Roger Corman School of Filmmaking." [35mm] Trailer

OUR TIME, 1974, Warner Bros., 90 min. Dir. Peter Hyams. Abby Reed (Pamela Sue Martin) is a student at Penfield, a finishing school for girls, who finds young love with Parker Stevenson in this lovely nostalgic tale set in 1955 New England. Betsy Slade and George O'Hanlon co-star in this early treasure from director Peter Hyams. [DVD] The prints we are showing are the only one available, and are faded. Discussion between films with actress Pamela Sue Martin and actor Parker Stevenson, moderated by Larry Karaszewski.



Friday, January 21 – 7:30 PM

70mm Print! VERTIGO, 1958, Universal, 129 min. With its stunning visuals and gripping characters, director Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological suspense masterpiece VERTIGO continues to entrance audiences. Retired San Francisco police detective "Scottie" Ferguson (James Stewart) becomes obsessed with Madeleine Elster (Kim Novak), a troubled woman he is privately hired to follow. Tragedy ensues when Ferguson later stumbles upon Judy Barton (also played by Novak), a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to Madeleine…and his obsession spirals out of control. [70mm] Trailer



Wednesday, January 26 – 7:30 PM

The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), marking its 30th anniversary, has selected the 30 Most Significant Independent Films(tm) from around the world produced over the past three decades.

Director’s Cut! AMADEUS, 1984, Warner Bros., 180 min. Dir. Milos Forman. This sumptuous period bio-pic, adapted by Peter Shaffer from his play, was nominated for 11 Oscars and won eight, including Best Picture. In flashbacks from the insane asylum where he is confined, composer Antonio Salieri (Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham) tells the story of his rivalry with precocious genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce), whose outlandish personality offends Salieri’s more finely tuned sensibilities. [35mm] Trailer | Buy Tickets