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The American Cinematheque is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.
The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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Special One Night Events & Limited Engagements, Sneak Previews in July:

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Wednesday, July 7 – 7:30 PM

Singer, dancer, actress and activist Lena Horne left behind a rich legacy of groundbreaking films, TV appearances, and recordings. After breaking into the business as a teenager at the infamous Cotton Club, Horne went to Hollywood and appeared in a series of seminal films before being sidelined during the blacklist. She returned to the stage and the recording studio and continued entertaining audiences for decades.

Lena Horne Tribute Double Feature: CABIN IN THE SKY, 1943, Warner Bros., 98 min. Lena Horne is luminescent in director Vincente Minnelli’s debut feature. Eddie "Rochester" Anderson is the married man tempted by Lena and the devil himself to turn his back on his wife (Ethel Waters) in favor of vice and moral ruin. Louis Armstrong and the Duke Ellington Orchestra appear as well! Trailer

THE WIZ, 1978, Universal, 134 min. Dir. Sidney Lumet. "Can you feel a brand-new day?" sing Diana Ross and Michael Jackson as Dorothy and the Scarecrow in this African-American version of "The Wizard of Oz." With Richard Pryor, Lena Horne and Nipsey Russell. Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Thursday, July 8 – 7:30 PM

BIG WEDNESDAY, 1978, Warner Bros., 120 min. Dir. John Milius. Easily the greatest surfing movie ever made – and one of the finest portraits of innocence lost during the Vietnam era – BIG WEDNESDAY stars Gary Busey, Jan-Michel Vincent and William Katt as a trio of L.A. surfers who ride the big waves while dodging girlfriends, maturity and the draft board. Discussion following the film with actor William Katt and surfer/stuntman Peter Townend. Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Friday, July 9 – 7:30 PM

Don Murray In Person! Don Murray was nominated for an Academy Award for his very first film, BUS STOP, and he only got better from that point forward. With turns in films by Otto Preminger, Fred Zinnemann and Francis Ford Coppola, as well as countless appearances on television, Murray has created dozens of indelible performances.

Double Feature: HOODLUM PRIEST, 1961, MGM Repertory, 101 min. Don Murray plays Father Charles Dismas Clark, a man of the cloth who works with juvenile delinquents, in this powerful film based on a true story. Keir Dullea plays one of the teens in an early role.

BUS STOP, 1956, 20th Century Fox, 96 min. Dir. Joshua Logan. Marilyn Monroe stunned critics and fans alike with her heartbreakingly tender performance as a truck-stop singer who falls in love with naïve young cowpoke Don Murray, in this beautiful, bittersweet drama based on the William Inge play. With Betty Field, Arthur O’Connell. Discussion between films with actor Don Murray. Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Saturday, July 10 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature: BREAKING AWAY, 1979, 20th Century Fox, 101 min. Dir. Peter Yates. Four teenagers (Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, and Jackie Earle Haley) come of age in an Indiana university town where their status as "townies" creates numerous economic and emotional obstacles. Paul Dooley stands out in a uniformly excellent cast as the befuddled father of a young man who sees cycling as his way out of obscurity. Trailer | Roger Ebert still loves this move.

SIXTEEN CANDLES, 1984, Universal, 93 min. Dir. John Hughes. Samantha's (Molly Ringwald) family completely forgets her 16th birthday amidst the insanity of her older sister's wedding. Over the course of a long night, she pines for the boy of her dreams (Michael Schoeffling), befriends the class dork (Anthony Michael Hall) and does her best to avoid a lusty foreign exchange student. Discussion between films with actors Paul Dooley & Daniel Stern and Lian Curtis. Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Sunday, July 11 – 4:00 PM

Co-sponsored by the Visual Effects Society: FIRST MEN IN THE MOON, 1964, Sony Repertory, 103 min. In director Nathan Juran’s extremely entertaining adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel, turn-of-the-century British inventor Lionel Jeffries enlists Edward Judd and fiancée Martha Hyer in his scheme to reach the moon. Once the trio hits the lunar landscape, they’re captured by a weird subterranean insect race, and we’re treated to some of Ray Harryhausen’s most enjoyable special effects. Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a copy of the limited-edition book, RAY HARRYHAUSEN - A LIFE IN PICTURES, courtesy of Every Picture Tells a Story! Special guest John Spencer, a space architect will introduce the show and take about Space Tourism with the Visual Effects Society. To learn more about Spencer's work see his website. Trailer | Buy Tickets

John Spencer, M Arch. is a space architect who has built a career that balances the design and development professions. He is a pioneer in what he calls "The Design Frontier."

He is considered a leading expert in creation and design of real space facilities and space ship interiors for NASA and private space enterprise, as well as space and future-themed simulation attractions, resorts, camps and media for the general public. He is the founder and chief designer of the Space Experience Design Studio (SED). Over $300 million has been invested into building his original space/future themed concepts to date.

He received two design awards from NASA for pioneering interior design work for the International Space Station (ISS) now in Earth orbit and has designed projects for the National Science Foundation (NSF) built in Antarctica, and an underwater lab/hab built for NOAA. Both Earth based science bases are still in operation.

He is currently designing the $1.6 billion "Mars World" immersive attraction and resort for a Las Vegas developer (not yet funded) and the "Earthrise Center" in New Mexico for the Earthrise Institute. In 2006 he designed the "Mars Colony" simulation facility/sets for the National Geographic Society Television and Film Group, the new NASA Ames Research Center Visitor Center, and the corporate headquarters and spaceship manufacturing facility for XCOR Aerospace Corporation at the Mojave Air & Space Port.    


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Wednesday, July 14 – 7:30 PM

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, 1961, Paramount, 115 min. Dir. Blake Edwards. When Audrey Hepburn’s girl-about-town Holly Golightly meets handsome nice guy George Peppard, she begins to gradually rethink her anything-goes, high-living way of life. Producer Richard Shepherd and actors Miriam Nelson, Joyce Meadows and Kip King will participate in a post-screening Q&A. Signing and reception for Sam Wasson and his new book: Fifth Avenue, 5 AM: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Dawn of the Modern Woman will be held at Every Picture Tells a Story at 6 PM. Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a copy of Wasson’s book, courtesy of Every Picture Tells a Story! Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Thursday, July 15 – 7:30 PM

William Fraker (1923 - 2010) made a remarkable contribution to American cinematography, shooting such iconic films as ROSEMARY'S BABY, ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, BULLITT, LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR, 1941 and HEAVEN CAN WAIT. Fraker was recognized with six Oscar nominations over the course of his career, and also proved a talented director and producer, helming three films. More Fraker at the Egyptian.

Double Feature: HEAVEN CAN WAIT, 1978, Paramount Pictures, 101 min. Dir. Warren Beatty, Buck Henry. When quarterback Warren Beatty is mistakenly taken to heaven before his time, the powers-that-be send him back to earth in the body of an eccentric millionaire. Julie Christie, Jack Warden and Charles Grodin co-star in this sweet and hilarious comedy.

THE PRESIDENT'S ANALYST, 1967, Paramount, 104 min. Dir. Theodore J. Flicker. Very hip, idealistic psychoanalyst James Coburn is selected to listen to the troubles of the president of the United States -- but is soon so stressed that he quits, becoming the target of every security agency in the world. Trailer | Buy Tickets




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Sunday, July 18 – 5:30 PM

Sponsored by Variety: THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T, 1953, Columbia, 89 min. Dir. Roy Rowland. The only live-action film written by Dr. Seuss, THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T is a riotous Technicolor fantasia about a young boy (Tommy Rettig) trying to escape the nefarious clutches of his mad music teacher Dr. Terwilliker (Hans Conried) – who is bent on capturing 500 boys and forcing them to play his evil concerto on the world’s largest piano! Clip reel and PowerPoint presentation preceding the film and discussion in between films with art director John Muto. Trailer | Buy Tickets


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Wednesday, July 21 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature: SURE FIRE, 1990, Strand Releasing, 83 min. Dir. Jon Jost. A dark and mesmerizing portrait of a small town entrepreneur. Wes, portrayed brilliantly by Tom Blair, is a bully of a man full of get-rich-quick schemes. Director Jon Jost captures an America we seldom see, through elegantly composed conversation and arresting visual stylistics, in this film strikingly shot in the "Mormon Dixie" of central Utah. "It's clearly an American masterpiece...SURE FIRE burns slowly, then explodes." Georgia Brown, Village Voice

THE BED YOU SLEEP IN, 1993, Complex, 117 min. Dir. Jon Jost. A haunting portrait of a family in crisis, set against the backdrop of tough economic times. Ray (Tom

Blair) and his wife Jean, who operate a lumber mill in central Oregon, are forced to confront painful truths when their daughters says she has recovered memories of sexual abuse. Shot on 35mm with a crew of three, it’s nothing short of a miracle. "A tragic, beautiful, and mysterious evocative and apocalyptic as Jost's cinema gets." -Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader. Discussion between films with actor Tom Blair and producer Henry Rosenthal. Buy Tickets





Wednesday, July 28 – 7:30 PM

Planetarium superheroes show from the Marvel Universe: Michael Mallory, the author of X-Men: The Characters and Their Universe and The Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart, will present a planetarium show and talk about all the characters and their relationships and take audience questions. Followed by:

X-MEN, 2000, 20th Century Fox, 104 min. Dir. Bryan Singer. Starting with the Holocaust and moving into contemporary congressional witch hunts, this film follows two powerful mutants (Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen) with very different ideas about how their powers – and those of their protégés – should be utilized. Plus, a sneak preview of this fall's new animated series, THE AVENGERS:EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES. Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a limited-edition Marvel Collector Cards, courtesy of Every Picture Tells a Story! Prior to the screening, mew art from Marvel Comics on exhibit and book signing with Michael Mallory at Every Picture Tells a Story at 6 PM. Trailer | Buy Tickets