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Series compiled by: Gwen Deglise and Grant Moninger. Program notes Jimmy Hemphill.

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<< April 12 - 13, 2008 >>>

Helen Hunt In Person Tribute

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This series is an Aero Theatre exclusive!

Helen Hunt began working professionally when she was just 9 years old (appearing on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Bionic Woman," among others), and she's never stopped: from her multiple-Emmy-winning role on TV’s "Mad About You" to her work with Robert Zemeckis, Robert Altman and James L. Brooks on the big screen, Hunt has proven herself to be a versatile, fascinating actress. Now, with THEN SHE FOUND ME, Helen Hunt makes her directorial debut. The Aero will screen this film, along with Hunt's Oscar-winning performance in AS GOOD AS IT GETS and family favorite PROJECT X, in a two-night, in-person tribute to the filmmaker.




Saturday, April 12 – 7:30 PM

Director Helen Hunt in Person!

Sneak Preview! THEN SHE FOUND ME, 2008, THINKFilm, 100 min. Dir. Helen Hunt. A touching story of schoolteacher April Epner (Helen Hunt) and her very unlikely path toward personal fulfillment. Following a separation from her husband (Matthew Broderick) and the death of her adopted mom, April is contacted by her apparent birth mother (Bette Midler), who turns out to be local talk show host Bernice Graves. As Bernice tries to become the mother to April that she was never able to be, April seems to find solace in the arms of the parent of one of her students (Colin Firth), only to find that the mystery to life’s questions cannot be solved by a simple revelation. Discussion following with director/actress Helen Hunt.



Sunday, April 13 – 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

PROJECT X, 1987, 20th Century Fox, 108 min. Director Jonathan Kaplan brings his sense of craftsmanship to this offbeat fantasy, and turns what could have been a painfully cute tearjerker into a surprisingly nuanced piece of escapist entertainment. Matthew Broderick plays a grounded Air Force pilot who befriends some chimpanzees involved in a top-secret military project, only to become enraged at what his own government is doing with the animals. Helen Hunt and William Sadler are excellent alongside Broderick, as are some of the most impressive simian actors in the history of movies. Exciting and sentimental in equally effective measures, PROJECT X is one of those rare family films that doesn't insult the sensibilities of adult viewers.

AS GOOD AS IT GETS, 1997, Sony Repertory, 139 min. Director James L. Brooks (BROADCAST NEWS) displays his gifts for witty dialogue, emotional range and complex characterizations in this story of an obsessive-compulsive novelist (Jack Nicholson) and the people who force him out of his anti social shell. Like Nicholson, Helen Hunt won an Oscar for her performance in the film, as a waitress and single parent who becomes the dysfunctional writer's unlikely love interest. Great supporting work from Greg Kinnear as Nicholson's gay neighbor and a richly textured script by Mark Andrus make this essential viewing.