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The Film Programs of the American Cinematheque are presented at the newly re-opened and renovated Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and at the magnificently renovated, historic 1922 Grauman's Hollywood Egyptian Theatre. Located at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.
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<< October 3 - 5, 2007 >>>

Wes Anderson In Person Retrospective


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This series is an Aero Theatre Exclusive!



Wednesday, October 3 - 7:30 PM

Sneak Preview! This screening is sold out. See it at a regular, commercial theatre when it opens!

THE DARJEELING LIMITED, 2007, 20th Century Fox, 90 min. Director Wes Anderson’s newest is an emotional comedy about three brothers re-forging family bonds. The eldest, played by Owen Wilson, hopes to reconnect with his two younger siblings by taking them on a train trip across the vibrant and sensual landscape of India. With Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman. Discussion following with director Wes Anderson and cast (schedule permitting).


Thursday, October 4 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS, 2001, Buena Vista Picture, 110 min. Director Wes Anderson jumps from intimate character study into the epic form without losing his keen observational eye. Gene Hackman is both hilarious and tragic as the patriarch of a dysfunctional family of geniuses who struggle to connect with each other and the world at large. Aided by a dynamite cast that includes Ben Stiller, Luke and Owen Wilson, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderson tells his most ambitious and emotionally powerful story to date.

RUSHMORE, 1998, Buena Vista Picture 93 min. Director Wes Anderson came up with THE GRADUATE for the late 1990's with this affectionate, but unblinking look at the rewards and pitfalls that come with the naiveté of adolescence. Jason Schwartzman plays Max, a precocious prep school kid who becomes friends with disillusioned businessman Bill Murray -- until the friendship is threatened by both men's fondness for Max's most beautiful teacher (Olivia Williams). In Anderson's endlessly appealing world, innocence is something that everyone clings to, no matter how hard the world tries to beat it out of us.


Friday, October 5 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

BOTTLE ROCKET, 1996, Columbia Pictures, 91 min. The movie that introduced Wes Anderson and the Wilson brothers (Owen and Luke) to the world is a sweet, hilarious combination of coming-of-age tale and heist movie. Owen plays a persistently optimistic slacker whose dreams of a big score don't quite mesh with his lack of aptitude for crime, and in the role of elder statesman James Caan plays the mob boss with whom Wilson and his friends collide. Named one of the Ten Best Films of the 90's by no less than Martin Scorsese.

THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, 2004, Buena Vista Picture 119 min. Director Wes Anderson co-writes with THE SQUID AND THE WHALE’s Noah Baumbach. Featuring an all-star cast, this wonderfully strange film about an oceanographer and hack undersea documentarian (Bill Murray) seeking revenge on the shark that ate his partner is both hilarious and melancholy. A combination Jacques Cousteau and Captain Ahab, Murray plans to film his underwater revenge of the infamous jaguar shark and along for the journey counts many, including his ex-wife (Anjelica Huston), her ex-husband (Jeff Goldblum), a salty seaman (Willem Defoe), a man who may or may not be his son (Owen Wilson), the producer (Michael Gambon), and the accountant (Bud Cort). Cinematography by Anderson mainstay, Robert D. Yeoman.