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Series compiled by: Eddie Muller, Alan Rode, Chris D and Gwen Deglise. Program notes by Eddie Muller and Alan Rode.

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Special Thanks to: Eddie Muller, Alan Rode/THE FILM NOIR FOUNDATION; Suzanne Leroy/SONY REPERTORY; Marilee Womack/WARNER BROS; Paul Ginsburg/UNIVERSAL.


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<< April 19 - 22, 2007 >>>

Noir City: Ocean View

Presented in association with Film Noir Foundation


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Film Noir Screenings are at the Egyptian Theatre April 12 - May 2!

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FilmNoir2007web.gif (23686 bytes)Join us as the Aero's Film Noir Festival, NOIR CITY – OCEAN VIEW - an adjunct to the NOIR CITY Festival playing at the Egyptian Theatre - spotlights eight films set or shot on the Santa Monica coastline featuring 1940s and 50s murder, mayhem, femmes fatale, gangsters, gumshoes and all sorts of underhanded rackets. Over half of them are still not available on DVD! Don't miss these rare screenings! We are pleased to welcome actress Terry Moore to the Aero Theatre for a discussion following SHACK OUT ON 101.





Wednesday, April 18 – 7:30 PM

Kevin Thomas’ Favorite Noirs Double Feature:

DOUBLE INDEMNITY, 1944, Universal, 107 min. Dir. Billy Wilder. Wilder’s cunning masterpiece helped spawn Hollywood’s dark renaissance in mordant murder thrillers. It still hasn’t been equaled. Starring Fred MacMurray as the sardonic insurance salesman seduced by blonde bombshell Barbara Stanwyck into helping to murder her newly-insured husband. Edward G. Robinson is MacMurray’s pal, the intrepid insurance investigator colleague, Keyes who smells something fishy when Stanwyck’s spouse has a fatal train "accident."

BLOOD MONEY, 1933, 20th Century Fox, 65 min. "Director Rowland Brown's BLOOD MONEY is a stylish evocation of wide-open L.A., where good-bad guy George Bancroft's politically powerful bail bondsman is smitten with thrill-seeking Brentwood deb Frances Dee while down-to-earth nightclub proprietor Judith Anderson holds a torch for the big lug. Legendary vaudeville singer Blossom Seeley is the star attraction at Anderson's swanky joint." -- Kevin Thomas NOT ON DVD. Kevin Thomas will introduce the screening.




Thursday, April 19 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature:
New 35mm Print!
NOBODY LIVES FOREVER, 1946, Warner Bros., 100 min. Dir. Jean Negulesco. Forties' favorite John Garfield plays a shady ex-GI hooked up in a plot to bilk a war widow (gorgeous Geralidine Fitzgerald). He rents a swanky, Malibu shoreside home as a front. But when he falls for Fitzgerald, the gang wants them both dead, leading to a suspenseful climax on the Santa Monica piers! Negulesco ladles noir atmospherics onto W.R. Burnett's original screenplay, which offers colorful roles for supporting actors Walter Brennan, George Tobias, Faye Emerson and George Coulouris. New 35mm print courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation. NOT ON DVD

711 OCEAN DRIVE, 1950, Sony Repertory, 102 min. Edmund O’Brien stars as an ambitious telephone technician who ruthlessly climbs the ladder of a nationwide gambling syndicate. One of the most entertaining of the ‘racket-noirs’ spawned by the Kefauver organized crime hearings is helmed by the late friend of the American Cinematheque, director Joseph Newman. Co-starring Joanne Dru and Otto Kruger with a memorable climax shot on location at Hoover Dam. "Operations of the syndicates are given a realistic touch by the screenplay, and Joseph M. Newman's direction keeps action at a fast pace. O'Brien is excellent as the hot-tempered, ambitious young syndicate chief." Variety NOT ON DVD



Friday, April 20 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature:
MURDER MY SWEET, 1944, Warners Bros., 95 min. Dir. Edward Dmytryk. Philip Marlowe, the quintessential L.A. private eye, searches for an ex-con's girlfriend, but, as always, winds up swimming in deceit and double-crosses, all of it washing up at a lavish Malibu beach house. A brilliant studio-lot evocation of Raymond Chandler's favorite corrupt city, featuring former hoofer Dick Powell in a career-transforming turn as Marlowe, and tempting Claire Trevor as the fabulous femme fatale. Earns plenty of votes as the best adaptation of a Chandler novel (Farewell, My Lovely).

New 35mm Print! THE SPIRITUALIST (aka THE AMAZING DR. X), 1948, Sony Pictures, 78 min. Dir. Bernard Vorhaus. "In his eyes, the threat of terror! In his hands, the power to destroy!" screamed the tagline. John Alton's finest B&W cinematography elevates to exhilarating heights this entertaining story of a phony psychic (Turhan Bey) insinuating himself into the L.A. cliffside mansion of a wealthy widow (Lynn Bari) and preying on both her and her impressionable daughter (Cathy O'Donnell). One of the most satisfying "B" films of the era. Story by Crane Wilbur.


Saturday, April 21 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature:
MILDRED PIERCE, 1945, Warner Bros., 111 min. Dir. Michael Curtiz. Joan Crawford gives her signature performance (an Oscar winner!) as James M. Cain's ultimate maternal martyr, in thrall to her own femme fatale daughter, Veda (a deliciously venal Ann Blyth). The twisted combination of high-strung soap opera and hard-edged pulp produced what may be the greatest Hollywood melodrama of all time. With an incredibly strong supporting cast featuring Eve Arden, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott and Bruce Bennett, and fabulous views of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, circa 1945!

FEMALE ON THE BEACH, 1955, Universal, 97 min. Dir. Joseph Pevney. "He was the kind of man that her kind of woman can't leave alone!" Joan Crawford is back on the Santa Monica beach in this deliriously over-the-top mystery-melodrama, featuring some of the most outrageous double entendre dialogue ever heard in a Hollywood movie. Something very weird happened to the previous owner of the beach house in which Joan is having a hot and heavy dalliance with sailor-stud Jeff Chandler. Are neighbors Jan Sterling and Cecil Kellaway involved? What do you think? NOT ON DVD


Sunday, April 22 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:
SHACK OUT ON 101, 1955, Paramount, 90 min. Dir. Edward Dein. Hands down, the goofiest, loopiest and most entertaining Red Scare movie ever produced in Hollywood. A time-capsule farce on 1950’s America set entirely in a beachside beanery, this is a film like no other, combining smuggled secrets, seafood, runaway lust, civil service exams and weightlifting in the kitchen. The go-for-broke cast includes Frank Lovejoy, delectable Terry Moore, kooky Keenan Wynn, and, as "Slob," Lee Marvin at his outrageous best! NOT ON DVD

TENSION, 1949,Warner Bros., 95 min. Directed by John Berry. One of the truly terrific underrated noir films of the forties. Richard Basehart plays a milquetoast druggist married to the over-sexed and chronically unfaithful Audrey Totter. But the sad sack has a plan to get revenge, so he can start a new life with Cyd Charisse! Cops Barry Sullivan and William Conrad pursue -- but is Barry pursuing the truth, or the red-hot Totter? More fabulous 1940’s coast-side action (with a de rigueur muscle-man-beating-up-the-guy-with-glasses-on-the-beach scene), in this vastly entertaining thriller, laced with acid dialogue. NOT ON DVD. Actress Terry Moore to appear for discussion in between films.