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Series compiled by: Gwen Deglise & Dennis Bartok.

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<< December 15 - 16, 2006 >>>

The Pink Panther Films

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This series is an Aero Theatre Exclusive!



Francois: Do you know what kind of bomb it was?

Inspector Clouseau: The exploding kind.


Between 1964 and 1978, actor Peter Sellers and director/writer Blake Edwards collaborated on one of the most phenomenally popular and beloved film comedy series of all time, creating an international sensation out of disaster-prone Inspector Clouseau and his partners in crime, including Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), Cato (Burt Kwouk) and the fabulous Pink Panther diamond. Please join us for a special holiday treat featuring all five original Pink Panther movies.



Friday, December 15 - 7:30 PM

THE PINK PANTHER, 1964, MGM Repertory, 113 min. Director/writer Blake Edwards introduced one of the most beloved characters in modern cinema - Peter Sellers’ absolutely clueless Inspector Jacques Clouseau - with this effervescent, champagne-colored comedy about a notorious British jewel thief and playboy (David Niven) on a ski holiday with nephew Robert Wagner, mistress Capucine, exotic princess Claudia Cardinale and a priceless diamond in tow. With music by the great Henry Mancini.

A SHOT IN THE DARK, 1964, MGM Repertory, 101 min. Blake Edwards’ follow-up to THE PINK PANTHER gave both director and star free reign to unleash a non-stop barrage of pratfalls, sight gags and linguistic nonsense. Everything seems freshly minted, from Herbert Lom’s hysterics as Chief Inspector Dreyfus to Burt Kwouk’s first appearance as Cato. What makes Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau so endearing is the resolution of a thousand years of cross-channel rivalry in the form of a Brit impersonating an irresistibly clumsy Frenchman. With Elke Sommer, George Sanders.



Saturday, December 16 - 5:00 PM

THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER, 1975, MGM Repertory, 113 min. Dir. Blake Edwards. After a ten year hiatus, Peter Sellers and Edwards re-teamed for what many consider the flat-out funniest film in the series. When the famed Pink Panther diamond of Lugash disappears again, Inspector Clouseau is called in to investigate the supposedly retired jewel thief (wonderfully suave Christopher Plummer) who’s suspected of taking it. Remember the immortal line: "I arrest you, Sir Charles Phantom, the notorious pink Lytton!" With Catherine Schell, Herbert Lom.



Saturday, December 16 - 7:30 PM

THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN, 1976, MGM Repertory, 103 min. Dir. Blake Edwards. Clouseau (Peter Sellers) is promoted to Chief Inspector when his arch-nemesis Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) suffers a nervous breakdown. But beware: when Dreyfus gets his hands on a Disappearing Ray Machine, only Clouseau can save the world from destruction (if he doesn’t destroy it first himself!).

REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER, 1978, MGM Repertory, 104 min. Dir. Blake Edwards. Peter Sellers’ last completed film as Clouseau shows him in fine form, as he’s targeted for assassination by a drug lord. When news of Clouseau’s "death" reaches the insane Chief Inspector Dreyfus he makes a remarkable recovery - but don’t count the indestructible Clouseau out just yet …! With Dyan Cannon, Burt Kwouk.