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Series Produced by Christophe Jeauffre/JULES VERNE AVENTURES.

Series compiled by: Frédéric Dieudonné, Chrystele Bazin and Gwen Deglise

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Special Thanks to:  Buzz Aldrin; Rod Roddenberry; Mary Tallungan/DISNEY; Marilee Womack/WARNER BROS; Emily Horn/ PARAMOUNT; David Sperber/PARAMOUNT NETWORK TELEVISION PUBLICITY; David Kornblum/BVI.


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<< October 12 - 15, 2006 >>>

Jules Verne Adventure Festival: From the Abyss to the Stars

Sponsored by Men's Warehouse, Mumm and Charles N. Mathewson Foundation

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This series is an Aero Theatre Exclusive!


You thought everything, every nook and cranny of our planet has been explored? Think again. Exploring and preserving our world is now the greatest adventure of all time. Creating a unique alliance between exploration documentaries and adventure/sci-fi movies, this Jules Verne Adventure Festival opens a door to imagination and action. After a Special Opening at the Shrine Auditorium on October 6, honoring Jane Goodall, George Lucas and Harrison Ford and hosted by Malcom McDowell, the Festival opens at the Aero Theatre with a special series of screenings and events, including the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek hosted by Eugene Roddenberry, Jr., and the American premiere of the film "Explorers – From the Titanic to the Moon", with James Cameron and Buzz Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin, astronaut of the first moon landing, will appear at the première. Please join us for exclusive documentary premieres as well as great adventure movie classics.

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Thursday, October 12 – 7:30 PM

Exploring the Green Inferno:

LA Premiere! "Devil’s Island – Journey Into Jungle Alcatraz, 2006, JVA, 58 min. Dir. Jean Christophe Jeauffre. Narrated by Christopher Lee. Now buried under an impenetrable jungle lay the lost remains of what had been, for over a hundred years, the most legendary convict prison in history.

PAPILLON, 1973, Warner Bros., 150 min. Dir. Franklin J. Schaffner. Papillon (Steve McQueen) is a safecracker, a man of action. Dega (Dustin Hoffman) is a brilliant counterfeiter, an intellectual. Both are trying to escape from the French Guyana Penitentiary of Devil’s Island. This unlikely friendship makes for one of the greatest prison escape movies ever made! McQueen delivers his signature brand of machismo as he endures a catalog of trials and torments to achieve freedom. Based on a purportedly true story from Henri Charriere’s novel, adapted by screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, this spectacular epic of survival becomes a great document of man’s inhumanity to man.



Friday, October 13 – 7:30 PM

Memories of Africa:

LA Premiere! "Karen Blixen, Out Of This World," 2005, Dr TV, 58 min. Dirs. Anna Von Lowzow, Marcus Mandal. Meet the real Karen Blixen, writer and Danish Baroness and discover her fascinating romantic adventures in Kenya from 1914 to 1931, living on a coffee plantation. Her passion for the "Dark Continent" inspired the Academy Award-winning film OUT OF AFRICA.

OUT OF AFRICA, 1985, Universal, 160 min. Dir. Sydney Pollack. This seven-time Oscar winner is memorable for Meryl Streep’s classic performance as a strong-willed Danish woman living in beautiful, but rural Africa during WW I.  The cast featurs numerous talented actors – Robert Redford, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Michael Gough.This sweeping and deeply romantic recounting of Baroness Karen Blixen – her marriage, her settlement, the coffee plantation, her loves- during the First World War, is also a film about freedom, possession and loss, empire and ecology.



Saturday, October 14 – 3:00 PM

Family Matinee: Into the Wild with Sharks, Tigers and Chimpanzees!

LA Premiere! "Beyond Fear," 2004, Ralph Kiefner Prod., 52 min. Dirs. Ralph Kiefner and Andrea Ramahlo. The two biggest predators on the planet come face to face…man learns to master his fears and starts to understand the shark. Victims of their image as killers, close to 200 million sharks are massacred each year. They are likely to become extinct within the next decade.

LA Premiere! "The Little Buddhas And The Tigers," Cinéma direct/MC4, 52 min. Dir. Etienne Verhaegen.In the heart of the Thai jungle, young buddhist monks and young orphan tigers learn to live side by side. Yet educating tigers proves somewhat tricky when the animals grow into young adults with a strong predatory instinct. Winner of the Paris Jules Verne Award for Best Picture and the Jules Verne Award Best Picture from the Young Jury.

"Wild Chimpanzees," 2002, Minnesota Science Museum, Science North & Discovery Place, 50 min. Dir. David Lickley. An extraordinary journey into the world of chimpanzees with Dr. Jane Goodall.



Saturday, October 14 – 7:30 PM

Jules Verne/Robert Stevenson Double Feature:

THE ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD, 1974, Walt Disney, 93 min. Dir. Robert Stevenson. A Victorian gentleman hopes to find his long-lost son, who vanished while searching for a mysterious Viking community in a volcanic valley in uncharted Arctic regions. Explorers embark on an airship expedition to go on the search, but when they reach their destination they must escape from Viking descendants who will kill to keep their existence a secret. With David Hartman, Donald Sinden.

IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS, 1962, Walt Disney, 93 min. Dir. Robert Stevenson. A French scientist finds the proverbial note-in-a-bottle, which divulges the location of a long-missing captain. The scientist and the captain's children set out on a wild sea journey to South America to search for him, and on their way they encounter every possible obstacle to their quest: floods, fierce storms, wild animals, mutiny, and capture by unfriendly natives. With Maurice Chevalier, Hayley Mills, George Sanders.



Sunday, October 15 – 3:30 PM

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin In Person!

LA Premiere! "Explorers: From The Titanic To the Moon," 2006, Studio Jules Verne, 52 min. Dir. Frédéric Dieudonné. Exploring the no-oxygen regions of our universe, James Cameron and Buzz Aldrin have surpassed Jules Verne’s dream. Discussion following with astronaut Buzz Aldrin.



Sunday, October 15 – 6:00 PM

STAR TREK Actor George Takei In Person!

2006 marks the 40th anniversary of the amazing creation of Gene Roddenberry : Star Trek - certainly one of the most singular and outstanding achievements in terms of modern science-fiction and human adventure story telling, in the tradition of Jules Verne. To celebrate the series, let's time travel!

"The City on the Edge of Forever", Season 1 / Episode 28, Paramount Television, 47 min, Dir. Joseph Pevney. Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) go back in time to save McCoy (DeForest Kelly).

"All Our Yesterdays", Season 3 / Episode 23, Paramount Television, 47 min, Dir. Marvin J. Chomsky. Kirk, Spock and McCoy enter a time portal and get stuck in the past on a planet about to be consumed by a nova.

STAR TREK IV, THE VOYAGE HOME, Paramount, 119 min. Dir. Leonard Nimoy. Using a Klingon ship, the crew of the Enterprise return to 1980's Earth to retrieve two whales in an effort to help save the planet from a probe. Plus: an excerpt of "Trek Nation", a documentary by Rod Roddenberry. Hosted by Rod Roddenberry, actor George Takei and other guests to be announced.



Sunday, October 22 – 6:30 PM

70 mm. print! TITANIC, 1997, Paramount, 194 min. Dir. James Cameron. "I thought I wanted to be the next Jacques Cousteau," Cameron once remarked - here, he goes one better by resurrecting the doomed R.M.S. Titanic as a shimmering spectacle of polished brass and lost love. First the most-expensive (and later the most-successful) movie in Hollywood history, TITANIC was in reality a labor of love and craft for Cameron and crew - from cinematographer Russell Carpenter’s luminous ocean images to production designer Peter Lamont’s meticulous reconstructions of the Titanic interiors. With Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.