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(TENSHI NO KOKOTSU), 1970, Image Forum, 89 min. The 60's are definitely over in Koji Wakamatsu's outrageous look at the Japanese radical movement. A group of oversexed militants (named after the days of the week) try to steal weapons from a U.S. Army base. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are killed. Slowly,the surviving group members realize they've been betrayed by their own organization, and begin to wreak sexual and political anarchy on everything in sight. Release date: Jan. 2001


BLACK TIGHT KILLERS (ORE NI SAWARU TO ABUNAIZE), 1966, Nikkatsu, 87 min. "Josie and the Pussycats" meets AUSTIN POWERS in this wild tongue-in-cheek gangster/spy spoof starring Akira Kobayashi as a combat photographer trying to rescue stewardess girlfriend Chieko Matsubara from an alliance of American mobsters and Japanese yakuza. He's aided by a strange band of girl assassins who use razor-sharp 45 rpm records as weapons and wads of bubble gum to blind pursuers. This first film from one of Nikkatsu's most talented late '60's directors, Yasuhari Hasebe, shows a definite Seijun Suzuki influence. A Pop Art classic! Available Now!!


FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - JAILHOUSE 41 (JOSHU SASORI - DAI 41 ZAKKYOBO), 1972, Blumps Distribution, 93 min. Phenomenal surrealistic exploitation with action goddess Meiko Kaji (LADY SNOWBLOOD) as the legendary inmate Scorpion, breaking out of stir with fellow prisoners. They traverse a desolate blasted landscape -- a village half-buried in volcanic ash, melancholic autumnal woods and barren mountains of stone -- all the time retaliating against pursuing guards and bestial, vacationing salary men. A transcendental, exhilarating masterpiece of violent 1970's cinema, JAILHOUSE 41 is second in the JOSHU SASORI film series, adapted from the popular manga comics by director Shunya Ito. Available Now!!


GO, GO, SECOND TIME VIRGIN (YUKE, YUKE, NIDOME NO SHOJO), 1969, Image Forum, 90 min. Imagine a Japanese version of Larry Clark's KIDS, where two damned and abused teenagers (she's a multiple-rape victim, he's a geek with a butcher knife) meet and fall in mutant love on a Tokyo rooftop. Koji Wakamatsu (born in 1936) is Japan's most notorious underground filmmaker, a combination of Godard, Gregg Araki, and Jesus Franco. A haunting, unforgettable film, never before seen in an English subtitled print. Release date: Jan. 2001