Groupon Customers

The American Cinematheque has three circulating Groupon offers. Please note that the same general rules for redemption apply to Amazon Local, Google and other coupons.


Some things to keep in mind about your Groupon tickets:

Memberships: (only applies to March 2011 Groupon Offer)

To activate your membership you must call or send an e-mail to our membership manager. Until we have heard from you, you will not have a valid membership and will not be able to enjoy the benefits of membership. Please e-mail your full name, mailing address (so we can send your membership card) and Groupon ID number. Your membership will be valid for one year from the date of activation. Once it is activated your name will be on a list at the Aero & Egyptian Theatre box offices and within one month you will get a membership card in the mail. Please bring ID to the box office if you have not yet received your membership card.

Keep in mind:


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Drop us a line and let us know how you enjoyed your movie at the Cinematheque!


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