American Cinematheque at the Egyptian


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In 1999, nearly 60,000 people came to a Cinematheque event at the Egyptian Theatre.


The American Cinematheque presented 337 feature films; 96 short films and one serial from many countries, including: Australia, Burkino Faso, Canada, England, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan and the United States.


Our programs included 17 United States Premieres and 17 Los Angeles Premieres; 10 special shorts programs; 10 documentary programs; and 16 programs for children; and 16 nights of The Alternative Screen (a forum for independent film exhibition & beyond).


We presented tributes to Jacques Becker, James Cameron, Richard Fleischer, William Friedkin, Mike Hodges, Spike Lee, Guy Maddin, Russ Meyer, Carlos Saura, Edgar G. Ulmer and Natalie Wood. 60 programs featured new 35mm prints and eight programs included newly restored prints. Prints were loaned to us by Columbia Pictures Repertory, MGM-UA, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., and Warner Bros. Classics.


Programs were presented in cooperation with Outfest 99, Resfest 99 Digital Film Festival, and the Slamdance Film Festival 1999. We worked with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Archive, British Film Institute, Cinematheque Francais, Cinematheque Luxembourg, Museum of Modern Art, New York, National Film Theatre, England, Pacific Film Archive and UCLA Film & Television Archives.


We screened limited runs of 101 NIGHTS (Agnes Varda), GET CARTER (Mike Hodges), and THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT (presented by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola); and hosted the AFI International Film Festival and the Latino Film Festival.


Our programs were underwritten and sponsored by Absolut Vodka, Agnes b, Air Canada, American Airlines, British Academy of Film & Television Arts LA, The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The French Movie & Television Office in LA (Consulate General of France), German Film Export-Union, Goethe Institut LA, Hollywood French Circle, Iberia Airlines, Instituto Espanol de Comercio Exterior, The Japan Foundation, Lladro, Spanish Fundacion Autor, Spanish Ministerio de Educacion Y Cultura, Spanish Ministerio de Trabajo & Asuntos Sociales, Spanish Society of Authors, Composers & Publishers, Unifrance, United Airlines, Universal Studios, Independent Feature Project/West and the International Documentary Association.


American Cinematheque at the Egyptian

 Guests in 1999

Irvine Allan (MY DAUGHTER’S FACE); Edward Anhalt (THE BOSTON STRANGLER); Stephanie Austin (TRUE LIES); Bob Baker (BLUEBEARD); David Baker (AFRAID OF EVERYTHING); Gene Barry (THE 27TH DAY); Budd Boetticher (THE KILLER IS LOOSE); Romane Bohringer (MINA TANNENBAUM); Peter Boyle (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN); Matthew Bright (FREEWAY; FREEWAY 2: CONFESSIONS OF A TRICKBABY); Mel Brooks (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN); Eleanor Bron (BEDAZZLED); Regge Bulman (DEAD DOGS); Peter Calvin (SLEEP); James Cameron (THE ABYSS); Veronica Cartwright (ALIEN); George Chakiris (WEST SIDE STORY); Lisa Chambers (THE CALLING); Arianne Ulmer Cipes (STRANGE ILLUSIONS: THE FILMS OF EDGAR G. ULMER); Robert Clarke (THE MAN FROM PLANET X); Tony Curtis (THE BOSTON STRANGLER); Spencer Davis (THE GHOST GOES GEAR); Julie Delpy (WHITE); Claire Denis (J’AI PAS SOMMEIL); Brad Dillman (COMPULSION); Micky Dolenz (HEAD); Kirk Douglas (THE VIKINGS); Jim Dwyer (SHUCKING THE CURVE); Samantha Eggar (DR. DOLITTLE); Clay Eide (DEAD DOGS); David Fickas (THE BASEMENT AND THE KITCHEN); Richard Fleischer (THE NARROW MARGIN; ARMORED CAR ROBBERY; FANTASTIC VOYAGE: A TRIBUTE TO RICHARD FLEISCHER); Rhonda Fleming (THE KILLER IS LOOSE); Nina Foch (SPARTACUS); William Friedkin (THE FRENCH CONNECTION; THE EXORCIST; TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.; CRUISING); Kinji Fukasaku (CREST OF BETRAYAL); Christina Fulton (LUCINDA’S SPELL); Mark Anthony Galluzzo (TRASH); Katja von Garnier (BANDITS); Teri Garr (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN); Rebecca Gayheart (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 3: THE HANGMAN’S DAUGHTER); Jennifer Gentile (LIFE HISTORY OF A STAR); Aitana Sanchez Gijon (YERMA; SUS OJOS SE CERRARON); Jenette Goldstein (ALIENS); Andres Vicente Gomez (PERDITA DURANGO); Carmelo Gomez (ENTRE LAS PIERNAS); Coleen Gray (NIGHTMARE ALLEY); Adam Greenburg (THE TERMINATOR; TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY); Michael Gruskoff (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN); Anthony Michael Hall (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS); Paul Harper (THE WILD BUNCH); Heilman-C (WADD); Gerardo Herrero (THINGS I LEFT IN HAVANA); Don Hertzfeldt (BILLY’S BALLOON); Charlton Heston (SOYLENT GREEN); Gerald Hirschfeld (YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN); Mike Hodges (SHOOT TO KILL: THE COOL CRIMES OF MIKE HODGES); Tobe Hooper (LIFE FORCE); Marsha Hunt (THE HAPPY TIME); Gale Anne Hurd (THE TERMINATOR; ALIENS); John Hurt (ALIEN); Michael Ironside (TOTAL RECALL); Jon Jacobs (LUCINDA’S SPELL); Phil Joanou (RATTLE AND HUM); L.Q. Jones (THE WILD BUNCH); Mollie Jones (RADIATION); Shirley Jones (OKLAHOMA!); Danny Kaufman (EUNICE’S SECRET); Millard Kaufman (BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK); Evelyn Keyes (THE KILLER THAT STALKED NEW YORK); Perry King (MANDINGO); Lisa Kotin (TEMPORARY GIRL); Gavin Lambert (INSIDE DAISY CLOVER); John LaZar (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS); Michelle Le Brun (DEATH: A LOVE STORY); Spike Lee (MALCOLM X); Janet Leigh (THE VIKINGS); Paul Levin (THE PORTRAIT); Dani Levy (THE GIRAFFE); Mark Lewis (ANIMALICIOUS; RAT); Elvira Lindo (LA PRIMA NOCHE DE ME VIDA); Ken Loach (LADYBIRD LADYBIRD); Guy Maddin (SILVER APPLES OF THE MOON: THE FILMS OF GUY MADDIN); Kim Magnusson (MY BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBOR); Joe Massot (WONDERWALL); Deepa Mehta (EARTH); Eric Mendelsohn (JUDY BERLIN); Russ Meyer (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS: THE SEX-CRAZED CINEMA OF RUSS MEYER); John Milius (APOCALYPSE NOW); Tsai Ming-Liang (THE RIVER); Mike Mitchell (HERD); Cynthia Myers (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS); Kitten Natividad (BENEATH THE VALLEY OF THE ULTRA-VIXENS); Garin Nugroho (…AND THE MOON DANCES); Dan O’Herlihy (FAIL-SAFE); Idrissa Ouedraogo (TILAI); Reed Paget (AMERIKAN PASSPORT); Cass Paley (WADD); Manuel Gomez Pereira (ENTRE LAS PIERNAS); P.J. Pesce (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 3: THE HANGMAN’S DAUGHTER); Harry Ralston (THE LAST MAN); Lynne Ramsay (RATCATCHER); Nathalie Richard (LATE AUGUST, EARLY SEPTEMBER); Katja Riemann (BANDITS; DIE APOTHEKERIN); Maria Ripoll (TWICE UPON A YESTERDAY); Arturo Ripstein (DIVINE); Robert Rodriguez (FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 3: THE HANGMAN’S DAUGHTER); Stanley Rubin (THE NARROW MARGIN); Richard Rush (PSYCH-OUT); Tura Satana (FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!); Carlos Saura (CARMEN; CRIA CUERVOS); Ann Savage (DETOUR); Paul Sbrizzi (IT DWELLS IN MIRRORS); Hans-Christian Schmid (23; THE BIRTHDAY PARTY); Lizabeth Scott (DESERT FURY); Walter Shenson (HELP!); Richard Sherman (CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG); Jean Simmons (SPARTACUS); Jeremy Simmons (unsung cowboy); Angeles Gonzalez Sinde (LAGRIMAS NEGRAS); Tom Skerritt (ALIEN); Tom Smith (ASPHALT BEACH); Peter Spears (ASPHALT BEACH); Harry Dean Stanton (ALIEN); Gloria Stuart (TITANIC); Brenda Sykes (MANDINGO); Russ Tamblyn (WEST SIDE STORY); Leigh Taylor-Young (SOYLENT GREEN); Pilar Tavora (YERMA); Andre de Toth (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA); Audrey Totter (TENSION); Christopher Trumbo (SPARTACUS); Dick van Patten (SOYLENT GREEN); Agnes Varda (101 NIGHTS); Todd Verow (SHUCKING THE CURVE); Gordon Waller (GO GO MANIA); Gene Warren, Jr. (THE TERMINATOR; TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY); Sigourney Weaver (ALIEN); Edy Williams (BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS; THE SEVEN MINUTES); Marie Windsor (THE NARROW MARGIN); Robert Wise (BORN TO KILL; THE SOUND OF MUSIC); Lana Wood (SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS); Dennis Woodruff (IDLING BRANDO); Kristy Wensch (JELL-OHH LADY); Elsa Zylberstein (MINA TANNENBAUM)

*In 1999 the Cinematheque was open from February 3-December 23.